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jillzilla - drone war criminael! || criminalize computers || legalize computers || Ronald McDonald is a Romanian

HOW FUCKED UP IT WAS (and still is) (from previous CCC)

beige: drone-enabled assassination, from a Veteran-for-Peace
beige: before continuing with any existing beliefs, or forming new ones, wrt legality or illegality of drone-facilitated assassination, read up on Hitler's Commando Order, legal resolution against which formed the basis of Nurnberg (Nuremberg) trials, which underpinned the end of World War II in Europe, and formed the basis of ensuing international law for decades after
beige: ie, in law, it doesn't matter that you apply label X or Y, even the label Terrorist, to a group of people, that does not enable the automatic anihilation of the members of that group absent conditions of armed response or proper legal trial
beige: see also, as referenced by the speaker, the legal implications of acting against established international conventions, on rights of citizens of your own nation and actions taken on or against your own territories
beige: I am not a lawyer, read up on this yourself and get advice from a proper lawyer rather than accept my word as primary legal fact
beige: and always keep in mind, law is decided by judges, not lawyers, politicians, armchair diplomats or media clowns
beige: judges and military tribunals, in cases like the above
beige: :ie, I'm saying, the guy gives a good speech and allows us unexpected insight into the people and processes behind drone assassination, but he gives a false impression that the problem is that it's being done by drone. That's notthe main problem. THE PROBLEM IS THE ASSASSINATIONS. He explains why drones make more of those.
beige: (potentially he's explaining why the drone assassination program turns what ought to be legalised killing with a court order into semi-random assassination, and why such a program institutionalised is equivalent to a simply program of random sky-terror, but I don't have statistics and insight into the internals of those aspects of the program, nor does he provide any)
beige: Jillzilla, you claimed to me previously that you worked on the original implementation of CDMA in mobile phones ... can you enlighten us at all on related use in GPS, and how RF signatures such as these are being used in drone strike targetting? Is this relationship why you just now asked me to GTFO and blog elsewhere instead of here in this longstanding forum for such discussions?

(Rechump) Youtube commentary reconstructivised

beige: /me wheels in Ayn Rand, puffing a cigarillo
beige: I meant a cigarette holder, but cigarillo sounds nicer
beige: image credit


beige: aka WaPost "Conservatives have a breathtaking plan for Trump to pack the courts"
beige: "Trump will add twice as many lifetime members to the federal judiciary in the next 12 months (650) as Barack Obama named in eight years (325). American law will never be the same."
beige: that's gotta be some sorta record
beige: "In the final two years of Obama's presidency, Senate Republicans engaged in tenacious obstruction to leave as many judicial vacancies unfilled as possible."
beige: I guess this is the main thing that this trump thing is about... they didn't care who the fuck they put up, or what sort of policies/lies they put on the table... just as long as the bitch won.
beige: i doubt if there is any way to reverse or nullify a federal judicial appointment, no matter how illegitimate or criminal the president who makes them might be later found to be... (just postulating!)
beige: "The rush to Trumpify the judiciary includes nominees rated unqualified by the American Bar Association, nominees with outrageously conservative views and nominees significantly younger (and, therefore, likely to serve longer) than those of previous presidents. As a result, by sometime next year, 1 in 8 cases filed in federal court will be heard by a judge picked by Trump."
beige: and add some proposal "to pack the federal courts with a 'minimum' of 260 -- and possibly as many as 447 -- newly created judicial positions. Under this plan, the 228-year-old federal judiciary would increase -- in a single year -- by 30 to 50 percent."
beige: keyword: Reichschancellor

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