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last updated at 2016-05-22 15:11

32C3 Android/Windows/Mac workalike Linux from North Koreas

nimo: I kid you not, it really adds annoying tags to everything it touches, just like some of the non-north korean OSen
nimo: see also 31C3 presentation of same topic to balance your perspective ...
nimo: and has almost unremovable rootkit crap... great parody
nimo: (i say parody... because according to the 31C3 presentation, north koreans all use windows... not this trollware :-)

32c3 Nothing to hide here, move along

nimo: Collect it All, ICWatch search engine for published personal data of intel community
nimo: this one
nimo: they got some death threats
nimo: disclaimer: i disclaim everything

Nothing to hide...

nimo: 25C3, Keynote by John Gilmore

I liked your file format so much...

nimo: aka Funky File Formats @31C3, Ange Albertini

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