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last updated at 2016-05-17 13:40

omg kitty


mossie: article deleted, history and talk page gone too
mossie: despite being one of the few wikipedia pages cited anywhere on the web
mossie: maybe derived content here
mossie: god how depressing.
mossie: crudgemutton v. crudgemutton
mossie: radio-enabled closed-circuit tv ... should it be renamed open-circuit tv? open-circuit, like the minds of the people who deploy and sell this infrastructure without advertising the fact its BROADCASTING IN THE CLEAR
mossie: popboom
mossie: (can i cause a x-site scripting attack by omitting an apostrophe when one is deserved?)
mossie: welcome to the canoptipron
mossie: so... with the panopticon, the authority can punish individual infringers but cannot afford to punish all the inhabitants if they act in unison... therefor one would predict that such a society will simply be more boring most of the time, and sporadically riotous. not much of a win, imho.
mossie: (not much of ... actually considering other aspects less than a win, a great fuckup)
mossie: inhabitants would become skilled at coordinating and predicting opportunities for riot... like a resonance state in a cyclical system
mossie: who else thinks we are already seeing this?
mossie: fwiw shifting from unencrypted analog to wifi ... just made things worse
mossie: canoptipwnd
mossie: ...or could this all just be one GINOURMOUS HONEYPOT? you have been panopticwnd
mossie: panopticwnt
Ash: hi simmo how ru

FBI paid $1m to iphone hacker for one unlock

mossie: soo... if they dunno how it was hacked, how do they know the data is authentic and undamaged?
mossie: i wonder if they checked on youtube first


mossie: and btw RFID and other EM based sensing/communication are not actually able to be restricted to 'near field' afaik
mossie: near-field is a transmitter restraint, not a receiver restraint...
mossie: but then, i can't recall maxwell's equations so i could be wrong... :-\
mossie: (if you don't know what i'm talking about, just look concerned)
mossie: related work: reverse engineering of protocol used by a commercial software-defined-radio USB dongle supposedly purposed to DVB
mossie: YAY!
mossie: oh DAB, not DVB? DAB/DVB... something
mossie: says DVB here
mossie: soo... where is a hardware with software defined antenna?
mossie: reader comments of the disney paper indicate that signature varies with time... perhaps this overall signature per-device can be used to detect tampering (ok, not perhaps, definitely)
mossie: govts should be issueing id detector devices for sake of national security, methinks :-)
mossie: no more keyloggers :-)


mossie: android ... etc
mossie: When you access a Wi-Fi network that is open to the public, your phone can be an easy target of cybercriminals.
mossie: no corresponding warning about use on the mobile phone network ...
mossie: LOL
mossie: ...I love the smell of class-action in the morning!

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