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Ash: by neilcic

Numerous descriptions of North Korea 'zone' but none say what is made there, by whom

simmo: I won't list them all, but they all say '124 companies' and don't mention a single example
simmo: was my smartphone made by North Korean slaves?
simmo: more than 120
simmo: one-hundred-and-twenty-four
simmo: 124
simmo: samsung and apple face child labour claims ... but does not mention NK, it's about africa
simmo: you get what you pay for, right? pay for slavery, you get slavery ... to your door
simmo: erm i meant this link but that one is also good (it has a better title! ;-)
Ash: freedom isn't free


simmo: We won’t go further in our description, as it is not our intent to educate the bad guys.
smnoie: prickboom
smnoie: probably making their $$$ by selling the IPs of queries to the NSA... just sayin'

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