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isnome: a bit late for it, but this was very good, particularly the sentence where he says how Aussies now manage to honour those who serve, while also wishing to avoid future conflict...
isnome: in possibly unrelated news, myopia now has a known cause and remedy, thanks to Science
isnome: unknown whether the same cause applies to adult vision, but in children the cause of like 95% or whatever of short-sightedness was found to be insufficient exposure to bright light (aka sunlight)
isnome: so, pick one, cancer|myopia
isnome: (or wear eyepatches in the sun and go for broke)
isnome: insufficient ocular exposure... bright enough light causes eye to release dopamine... and they said wearing a broad-rimmed hat and sunglasses is still ok, sunlight is THAT bright
isnome: when compared with indoors and artificial light
isnome: YMMV
isnome: oh heck there's a direct link for the myopia story mp4
isnome: yay!

Just when you thought you had a standard...

no1nose: MTP. Surpri-ise.
no1nose: In filespace, no one can hear you scream.
no1nose: UNLESS they also have MTP
no1nose: maybe a better headline woulda been "why DOESN'T everything use MTP these days? oh that's right, we forgot to ALL BUY NEW DEVICES AGAIN"
no1nose: CARTEL.
no1nose: ANTITRUST
no1nose: Make devices that work, document how they work, do it without abusing the users, do it now, and stop shifting the goalposts. Document WHY you shifted the goalposts, or ... antitrust, cartel, class action, etc.
no1nose: this is probably not the best example, just happens to be the brick wall I banged into today.
no1nose: "you can access it, like a hard drive, with the USB3 cable". no I can't. and I'm pretty sure the USB3 cable is just for show, because I can only access a mass storage device (which you renamed OTG on-the-go) as USB2, at what, 1/10th the speed of USB3?
no1nose: oh the entire shop chain went out of business. i wonder why.
no1nose: all it does is spy on me and let me watch the internet.
no1nose: and this.
no1nose: interesting comments re potential for use of UDF

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