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Paucity of coverage of death of Great Barrier Reef due to local/national coal lobby: Guardian

misone: note also the drastic lack of colour in all mainstream footage of same, including the recent Attenborough BBC program mentioned in the article
misone: which I think is not related to the bleaching, but rather an attempt to accustomise potential tourists to the washed-out algal affected parts of the reef that they would be taken to on day-trips
misone: the outer reef (was) said not to be affected by this terrible malignancy, but attenborough's footage would make you think it is a single uniform shade of torquoise
misone: rather than the rainbow-irridescent spectacle that it should be, and which surely Attenborough witnessed during filming, or he would have not stopped talking about the lack of colour
misone: The bleeching has occured since filming of the BBC program
misone: bleaching
misone: the algal proliferation is as great a threat, but Environment Minister Hunt's response to the bleaching was basically, "Oh good, the bleaching of the northern portion of the reef makes the green algal affected southern portion look good"
misone: thanks Greg.
misone: The algae is caused by fertiliser and other agricultural runoff, mainly from sugar cane farming, and that mainly from just the fields that push right up to the creeks and wetlands... ie the farmers could easily be compensated and do without, but they own the local councils
misone: I have no idea what success has been achieved in mitigating this problem since this excellent documentary was filmed... there is some indication of legislation etc
misone: here
misone: basically I think this conspiracy goes like, they won't miss what they don't know was ever there, stop showing old footage, and film new footage using the wrong whitebalance (because colourscience)
misone: colorscience
misone: the computer TOLD me that's the correct color, I know! I couldn't believe my eyes, but the computer said it's so! IT IS SO.
misone: colorscience kids, because, you know, it's a science...
misone: ask van gogh.

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