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noisme: C.. C also

‘How grenade works’: Pakistani judge among three injured after policeman pulls the pin inside courtroom

Oliber: "The constable, instead of explaining his expertise in weapons and grenade handling to the judge, opted to demonstrate practically by promptly pulling out the pin from the grenade.
jillzilla: "t is safe to say that now the whole court knows how grenades work, including the curious judge."

Three airlines changed their policy on multi-city tickets all at exactly the same time, no collusion, of course not

noisme: that's because (a) those are basically all the same airline, aka CIA (I know, you think I'm joking or mad, read Air America or you won't understand how the world works)
noisme: (b) common ticketing mechanisms, airline ticketing being one of the earliest realtime big data db engines in history... hmm database... the base... wonder whether ... oh that's probably just a coincidence too!@
noisme: ...not that I'm saying those aren't collusion... just offering detail... enjoy!
noisme: fwiw... Pakistan... weaponry... airlines... CIA... databases... al quada (oops sorry filters!~) ... nah must just be more coincidence... but anyway, Top Gear always used to boast about how they could book the cheapest airfares by first flying to Pakistan then using a local travel agent... I bet THAT game is up by now!~
noisme: /me hides under an airline industry
noisme: Yes, you have probably been flying CIA too for some time now.
noisme: see also
noisme: see after
noisme: creds for same

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