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Corporate Media Gatekeepers Protect Western 1% From Panama Leak

mosine: is that an imperitive?
mosine: so... I wonder if readers wonder about whether parallels between this kind of leak and police drag-netting may help justify future diminishments in ethics on the side of the (supposed?) law enforcement proponents?
mosine: 2.6TERRABYTES of data... and in mainstream reporting (OK I didn't view much of it) I didn't notice a single question about whether there might be privacy concerns at all
mosine: the previous leak to German authorities was in exchange for money... and yet the person is attributed as 'a whistleblower'... WTF?
mosine: I wonder whether readers wonder about whether such a description without further qualification to show the motives of the leaker being above board may water down the perception of whistleblowers as being people motivated entirely by concern for public welfare?
mosine: the current leaker is described as having requested 'only' certain security provisions... i could easily describe comfy hotel stays and armed guards for the rest of my existence as 'security' but no further clarification is given in SZ's article
mosine: seti said, no, he doesn't wonder that
mosine: also lacking seems to be any justification why this had to come out as a leak to media, rather than being provided to criminal investigation authorities...
mosine: (apart from the fact the previous smaller leak was to authorities ... in exchange for money)
mosine: oh there's video
mosine: (most of my criticism is pertaining to yesterday's links on same topic... didn't read this one yet soz ;-)
mosine: this guy kinda nails it about Kellogs and stuff, good hit
mosine: but destroying privacy altogether as he advocates is not helpful either
mosine: I am more inclined to wonder if the leak is faked or directed, and there seems little backstory to judge that by, not that the backstory is ever very convincing in these cases anyway
mosine: in the end, this is why we need trustworthy journalists, because there is a time when information has to be aired, and sources protected. Pointing out ICIJ's funding sources are like a client-list of the CIA is enough to make me wonder, sadly I dont know anything either way to judge the integrity of these journalists.
mosine: here's a clue. the basic passtime of scryptologists such as the CIA is doing things like this, CIA? CIJ. ICIJ.
mosine: cryptologists
mosine: but that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. even the CIA sometimes tries to do good. damn this complex world of grey areas and intricate relationships.
mosine: the whole company could be a sting operation that's been running for 40 years and now reaping the profits... did they ask THAT in the story? I didn't think so.
mosine: damn you NSA for knowing more than me.
mosine: the WHOLE THING is a shell company, CIA included.
mosine: really
mosine: no really ... click on the about box at the right of the page
mosine: want to start with law reform to prevent shady corporate entitied from threatening your liberties, start at home
mosine: I wonder if jurisdictional or privacy legalistics explain why the leaker gave the document to a German paper?
mosine: Germany has strong privacy laws... ?
mosine: I'm pretty sure, when i haven't clicked on a URL, the CIA keeps re-writing it until i do.
mosine: And backdating stuff too.
mosine: (and it's only them, not China or KGB, so don't shoot me, those guys)
mosine: woops.
mosine: CIA don't shoot me either, i promise
mosine: note: panama is the british enclave in america, but they can do what they like, cause they got the canal.
mosine: I think i got that right.
mosine: I guess that's completely wrong. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panama
mosine: Nicaragua
mosine: OK, final conspiracy theory ... shillvertising for van halen?

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