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... Slow Muscle Fibers of Type 2 Diabetic Patients

noems: "...slow-fiber fraction was reduced to 86% in the obese subjects and to 75% in the diabetic subjects compared with the control group..."
noems: muscle physiology comparing the fibre types
noems: stress affects which muscles are exercised more
noems: oh arse backwards though :-\ stress emphasises tonic
noems: and stress is apparently very bad for diabetics
noems: so this is a puzzle (or i am too sleepy to read properly)
noems: maybe the stress tires the tonic muscles out? chronically activated => ineffective?
noems: stress and diabetes




noems: So long, and thanks for all the budgies

Homes across the [UK] are set for an invasion of venomous false widow spiders, experts have warned, with a warm year making conditions ideal for a population boom.

jillzilla: Exhibit A: MY BATH AIGH
jillzilla: <spider> o hai
noems: it's a problem because it makes it harder to spot the real black widow spiders (which don't occur in .uk at all)

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