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noems: see B:


noems: B:
noems: welcome to the cloud also.
noems: YOU ARE NUMBER 6.
noems: given that they lied about the encryption (dropbox know the key to every account) ... this is a completely open platform ... why didn't they leave out the AES256 layer completely and market the complete lack of useful crypto as a FEATURE?
noems: don't answer that... i can guess... they probably DID, just not to the people who store the data there...
noems: self. foot. bang.
noems: NOTE especially the point about 'infect files'... two way transparent syncing? YOU GOT IT.
noems: though this is outdated information, if they can't manage to design an auth scheme, do you trust them to even store your data?
noems: s/design/choose from off the shelf and then borrow code to implement/
noems: sheesh. worse than i had ever dreamed possible.
noems: i wonder if coded using php... ?
noems: you know, they said the best programmers are lazy... this isn't what they meant.
noems: MLDonkey would be a way more secure way to do cloud computing. :-\
noems: ...and would at least really be cloud computing. FFS.


noems: welcome to the cloud.

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