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If some Christians want to refuse to deal with people married to people of the same sex based on religious liberty, why do they not have such qualms about serving people who divorce and remarry?

Ash: because christians are all hypocrites, duh
Ash: what happened to the dude not getting into heaven without selling all his crap and giving the money to the poor
jillzilla: hey, you just need a dwarf camel and a really big needle
jillzilla: salvation technology ftw
Ash: u mad
jillzilla: no, u mad
Ash: that's what i said
jillzilla: U U U U U
Ash: lol, no u
Ash: i win again
jillzilla: oh man pwn3d
kandinski: Or about people who marry in court, and not in Church? It's not a Real Marriage either...
jillzilla: He also mentioned Orthodox Jews who are willing to interact with people who marry outside the faith

On the Industry of Personal Injury Lawyering to Hurt Fratboys

VICE News: Ukraine Burning

Ash: u mad
seti: BBC explains wtf Ukraine is



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