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I really hate heterosexuals sometimes.

21 Pictures Of Politicians In Wellies Staring At Floods


jillzilla: "a
jillzilla: ""
jillzilla: "Australia: Still ruled by a classy older lady in England because we are too distracted by the large amount of native fauna trying to kill us to declare independence."
jillzilla: "The Netherlands: Looks like the sea wants to kill us again, guys."


dtm: this infographic shows how Blockbuster died of its own incompetence, but it sounds better to say that they lost a war to Netflix

superspinning ice skater


The Autobiography Of Steve - A Review

Ash: <@jillzilla> I will henceforth refer to Morrissey as 'Steve'
jillzilla: He will always be Steve to me
jillzilla: "Steve is plainly the most ornery, cantankerous, entitled, whingeing, self-martyred human being who ever drew breath."
jillzilla: "And those are just his good qualities."

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