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<jillzilla> glowsticks are part of a healthy diet when consumed in moderation || VIVA LA PLUTO FUCK YOU

Limerick boat club roof is blown off in strong winds

Worcester flooding news, mispasta a bit..

hot cotton bud on keyboard action

kandinski: Click on [Images]
jillzilla: hottt

Police cite Texas man dressed as a banana carrying an AK-47


jillzilla: Having someone advertise your business by dressing up as a banana and standing next to a busy road sounds like a good idea. Unless what your business sells is AK-27s.
seti: note he was not cited for either dressing up as a banana or carrying the AK-47 in public.
jillzilla: That's the funny thing -- he was cited for soliciting alongside a roadway.
seti: at least the government wasn't coming for his guns, just his business
jillzilla: Texas is kind of its own place about guns

goat simulator

Oliber: based on true story

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