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Things that are not cookies

Ash: wheels
Ash: plates
Ash: a sailboat
Ash: coasters


Ash: note the bit about so-called 'celiacs' being more prone to solipsistic thinking
jillzilla: hey, that's 'coeliacs' if you don't mind
jillzilla: extra vowels make everything better
Ash: no that's a kind of fish that was extinct but then they found it's still alive
jillzilla: except the godawful gluten-free cookies i made this afternoon
jillzilla: they are beyond the help of extra vowels
Ash: technically they're not allowed to be called 'cookies' if they don't have gluten fyi
jillzilla: they can be called cookies if you put the word 'lousy' first
Ash: EU regulation 983.218C
seti: how about HTML5 LocalStorage, is that not cookies either
jillzilla: that is totally cookies

Staying In Sochi Is A Hilarious Adventure

"Mattress Mack" to pay $7m in Super Bowl bet pledge

Oliber: "A US furniture store owner is set to lose $7m (£4.2m) after promising a full refund to customers if the Seahawks beat Broncos in Sunday's Super Bowl."
Oliber: hurrrp-de-durrrp.

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