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Lee Atwater laying out the the no-taxes racist whistleblowing campaigning of the GOP

kandinski: In 1981

Silly-string attack on boy carrying owl.

rik: One of the gang said "Give me your owl," and adopted a boxing pose.
rik: With an outstretched arm he then sprayed both boys with the silly string while shouting abuse.
rik: The shocked 11-year-old boy, who is from Morecambe, threw his drink at the teen before taking the owl from his friend. He was then twice punched to the side of the head as he and his friend fled in separate directions.
rik: The teenagers gave chase but both victims escaped, with the 11-year-old fleeing through the Arndale Centre while carrying the owl.
rik: PC Ben Hanley said: "This is a really odd incident"
rik: PC Ben Hanley is correct.

Herd of p-values spotted approaching significance


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