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How fucked are Sony?

seti: Spoiler: Pretty fucking fucked alright!

Apple statement on iPhones storing of location data

seti: verdict: newspeak at the beginning but good resolutions offered to mitigate the problem.
Oliber_: bug? bugger me...


rik: The 4th laser o be built will generate pulse of 200 petawatts, which is significantly more power than our entire race generates at any given moment, and more total power than the earth receives from the sun.
rik: As a result, the pulses are quite short, at 1.5 10*-14 seconds, which is how long it takes for light to travel from one side of a human hair to the other, if you share the hair down by 90%.
rik: The hope is that a laser this powerful might actually be able to tear apart the vacuum of space-time itself, revealing the matter and antimatter underneath.

The Banach-Tarski Paradox

seti: pwned by xkcd

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