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last updated at 2011-03-14 22:49

The Japanese are notorious for their game shows, but goddamn, their version of Total Wipeout is insane

BBC News - LIVE: Japan earthquake


seti: normal values lie between 10 and 20, cloud expected at 20:00 UTC

aerial picture of the fukuchima plant


Meanwhile in Phoenix

4chan Hackers Leak Internal Bank of America Emails

Very scary Japanese video of the tsunami

seti: should load without having to log into Facebook

Some Perspective On The Japan Earthquake

And two more 4.7s...

rik: This map has 424 earthquakes plotted.
rik: it's also too far west to show yesterday's one.
rik: This map isn't though.
rik: and now that map has a new entry. a 4.9.

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