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seti: WikiLeaks Spokesman Quits: "The Only Option Left for Me Is an Orderly Departure"

The End of Net Neutrality

seti: some errors there.

Charges dismissed against Maryland man who taped a traffic stop

rik: Police have no reasonable expectation of privacy when performing a traffic stop in public.

Digby: Mission Creeps -- The New Surveillance State

University of Texas Emergency: A suspected shooter in PCL library is dead. Law enforcement are searching for a second suspect.

Oliber: "If you are off campus, STAY AWAY. If you are on campus, lock doors, do not leave your building"[and start shitting bricks]" . All organized classes for today, September 28, are canceled. "
Ash: if you are on campus, DROP YOUR WEAPONS
Oliber: and your pants
rik: Their tagline at the top: "The University of Texas at Austin - What Starts Here Changes the World"
seti: "'More Guns, Less Crime' author planned to speak at UT today: http://bit.ly/dorARa"
seti: Above the Law report appears to have the best inside scoops and reporting

George W. Bush to Tea Partiers:


Tilt-Shift Van Gogh


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