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Censorship of The Economist

The case for a third electoral party in the US

Blu Mar Ten vs London Elektricity vs The Mock Turtles

The assault on the middle class part xxxxx

So How Did the Bush Tax Cuts Work Out for the Economy?

seti: spoiler alert: notsogud

Truck carrying Squid Crashes in Broccoli Field

rik: "A big rig carrying 15,000 pounds of squid turned over in a field of broccoli early Tuesday after crashing into a ditch outside Greenfield."

Cop falsely arrests, intimidates and terrifies a fifteen year old boy

jillzilla: ...for doing something apparently horrible: having sex with a fourteen-year-old-girl
jillzilla: In California both the boy and the girl are under the age of consent.
jillzilla: which is, absurdly, EIGHTEEN
jillzilla: What a thing to go through for doing something totally normal.
seti: This abuse of authority should be stamped out, people even believing that they can get away with it cannot be tolerated in any position of authority in a functioning society.

Segway company owner dies riding two-wheeled machine off cliff

jillzilla: Live by the Segway, die by the...wait, that's not how the proverb goes

Philips Lumalive light-emitting textiles

seti: from 2006. where is my fucking t-shirt with embedded LEDs?
Oliber_: Wheres my cycling gear with built in lights?

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