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Android Pride T-Shirt - Black

OracleSolaris about to be forked

dopp: yawn

Conservative fury over the "ground zero" mosque shows that when it comes to the battle for freedom and religious liberty, the U.S. has thrown in the towel

seti: excellent summary of the various political reactions surrounding this YMCA-for-somewhat-muslims to be built in Manhattan.

Human pylons carry electricity across Iceland

Target Ain't People

ThinkGeek: WARNING: may incite SWAT teams

Oliber: It turns out, that Samurai umbrella on a university campus requires a SWAT team
seti: Only in America.

John Oliver says Muslims are allowed to put a mosque near Ground Zero, just like Catholics can build a church next to a playground.

kandinski: They have the right, but should they? Isn't it too soon?

Radio, RIAA: mandatory FM radio in cell phones is the future

seti: today's (ok, yesterday's) WTF

It's the End of the World As We Know It and I Feel Fine

Ash: that's because if it's the end of the world you'd be dead

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