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Comedian Patton Oswalt publicly busted aspiring comic Nick Madson

seti: and tweeted about a recent case of plagiarism

What They Do Best

rik: The Video Game community lends a hand in dealing with the oil spill...

Digby: What Happened to "What Works"?

Mobility scooter rider gets 'boy racer asbo'

Oliber: "An elderly man caused four miles of traffic jams as he drove his mobility scooter at 8mph along the A12 in Essex."

Vast mineral deposits found in Afghanistan

Oliber: "Nearly $1 trillion in untapped resources could fundamentally alter economy"
Oliber: Now thats a surprise isn't it kids!
jillzilla: and it's lithium!
Oliber: Bzzzzzz
jillzilla: sorry, having an imperialist moment

USA football team redefines victory


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