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Ash: or i will totally ban you guys

"The Rig's on Fire! I Told You This Was Gonna Happen!"


kandinski: Sorry I didn't have a solemn post about how fucked up the world is
Ash: mmm breasts
seti: wtf only 2 photos.

Roger Ebert's Journal: How do they get to be that way?

seti: (via)
seti: Also

Driver fined 'for blowing his nose'

Oliber_: "Michael Mancini, from Prestwick, said he was sitting in stationary traffic with the handbrake on when he used a tissue to clean his nose."
Oliber_: "I stopped the van and put the handbrake on. I saw four police officers nearby. The traffic moved on and I was waved across by an officer.
Oliber_: "He said I was not in control of the vehicle."
Oliber_: Uhm, will it be an offense to take your hand off the steering wheel to change gear next?
Ash: why the hell did he have his handbrake on in traffic? WTF

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