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Amanda is about to confront her fear of chickens for the first time

The Indian Condom Song

Run a GSM base station from a CDMA handset

Earmarks: Companies Retrench When Government Spends

seti: Fixed the title of this article (original was "Stimulus Surprise" rather than "Earmarks" - but the body makes clear that it's about a 40-year period, not the recent efforts to climb out of recession faster)

"Say Tweet Again."


seti: there goes productivity.

25 Horribly Sexist Vintage Ads

BP Decisions Made Well Vulnerable - WSJ.com


thelink: "Flooding is defined as deliberately repeating actions in quick succession in order to fill the screens of other Internet users with text. "
thelink: or perhaps wikipedia's definition could be subverted by more trolls to DoS this service further: right now they say "Flooding or scrolling on an IRC network is a method of disconnecting users from an IRC server (a form of Denial of Service), exhausting bandwidth which causes network latency ('lag'), or just annoying users... done by scripts ... by external programs."
thelink: "Crapflood: This is the simplest type of IRC flooding. It involves posting large amounts of posts or one very long post with repetitive text. It can also involve text with no meaning or no pertinence to the current discussion." like car porn perhaps...
thelink: really i don't mind what topics appear here, but if you're going to whinge about people using the channel for on-topic discussion, you should at least criticise off-topic posts first
thelink: or should I start to complain to the Beeb that they flood their site with news?

Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.) ... where did it go? did it exist? Real Men in Black?

thelink: agency name has now been used in a tv series

Laser tv

thelink: bright, stable image characteristics with extremely high colour fidelity at good power efficiency, but manufacturing seems sporadic
thelink: this is like a graphic designer's dream, so i doubt that the high cost is a factor in limiting production

9-11 as hypnotic trance induction

thelink: By Larry Burk MD

How suss is that? 'Independent analysis' of evidence in torpedo'd south korean ship, mentioned but unquestioned by many media reports, is actually from UN ... which is currently headed by Ban Ki-Moon ... a South Korean

thelink: someone else want to have a try?
thelink: "North Korea denies any involvement in the sinking, calling the investigation results a 'fabrication' and threatening war if sanctions are imposed"
thelink: which world war started with less evidence? the recent one in iraq, or the one being launched now on north korea?
thelink: coverage I have seen .. several reports on usually fairly balanced australian public broadcasters, have not only failed to question the 'evidence', but haven't given air to the north korean or chinese replies to the accusations
thelink: marched to the tune of
thelink: BBC says the torpedo is identical to north korea-manufactured ones, while SBS reported initial country-of-manufacture assessment as China or Russia
thelink: BBC: report is "given an added air of impartiality by the presence of 24 foreign experts from" coalition of the willing member states
thelink: even if it becomes clear that north korea did sink the vessel, is it worth increasing hostilities to the point of a war that would drag in much of the world, for sinking of a vessel in a disputed sea border region, by a state which is clearly not a threat to the world at large?
thelink: and here is an example of the kind of reporting characteristic of war propaganda which i mentioned at the outset: (lead par from australian public broadcaster) "South Korea will cut trade links with North Korea after Pyongyang torpedoed one of its warships, killing 46 sailors."
thelink: ah and the torpedo also may be german not russian, chinese, or north korean ...
thelink: in many many reports, i haven't seen a single one describe the exact makeup and origin of the 'independent team' cum 'un team' of investigators, or question its purported independence
thelink: but i think they're talking about a team assembled by South Korean government, and the fact that the report was delivered with supporters from those coalition-willing/nato countries mentioned by BBC
thelink: lol when that's the measure of independence in a discussion of 'should we start world war X?'
thelink: "The two Koreas remain technically at war because their three-year conflict ended in a truce, not a peace treaty, in 1953." ... one would assume then that warships patrol disputed border at own risk
thelink: nothing to see here, move along
thelink: conclusion: war threats sell newspapers, weighting of news determines public opinion, public opinion determines war status, rinse, wash, repeat ... we are stuck in a capitalist-media market-driven nightmare. there is no need for further conspiracy theories, whether they are valid or not.
thelink: the report of the "Joint Civilian-Military Investigation Group (JIG)" provided by BBC fails to identify or name the group members or their affiliations, is an unconvincing 5-page brochure with 'summary' style information. wtf is this?
thelink: isn't it odd that when a person carrying scissor onto a plane can be labelled a terrrist, not a single media report i've found has discussed the possibility that the ship could have been downed by non-state terrorist actors?
thelink: the intelligence against North Korea is so good that the South Korean report refers to their vessels as 'small submarine's, not giving a name to the class of vessel, as would be typical in any plausible description of military activity ... wtf?
thelink: fine if they were fucking aliens bursting out of the sky. not very encouraging if this is being portrayed as a global threat, and the report coming from the neighbouring country doesn't know the name of the class of ship?

BBC: Facebook privacy in screenshots

thelink: as of 26 May 2010

CNN live webcast of BP trying to plug the oil leak with a "Top Kill"

kandinski: "The product is not available in your service area"

The Stranger reviews SATC 2

seti: "It is 146 minutes long...This is an entirely inappropriate length for what is essentially a home video of gay men playing with giant Barbie dolls."

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