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(mp3) [BoingBoing's] Cory Doctorow on Copyright vs. Universal Access

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thelink: lots and lots of audio lectures
thelink: "the library of tomorrow needs to be better than the library of today not worse"
thelink: as well as DMCA and restrictive, technologically-assisted licenses vs copyright, corey spends some of the time talking about stupid stupid stupid three strikes legislation for 'copyright infringement' with no trial or even requirement for evidence, such as that instituted now by the goddam french
thelink: yeah, i know, evidence is so last century
thelink: "widespread popular derision is a poor substitute for sane law"
thelink: in fact, it takes us back to the villagers-with-pitchforks scenario
thelink: "three strikes" aka "graduated response" appears to be on a "graduated implementation" phase-in, coming soon to a national governing body near you, according to EFF analysis

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