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welcome to #tmi || bring your own guatemalan elephant

Republicans seem to be timing the publication of their sex scandals to coincide with when the Daily Show is on a break.

Wobbly bridge on Russian(?) news

Japan developed magnetic tape cartridges with 50TB

Oliber_: "This joint team demonstrated a world-record1 areal density of 45.0 Gb/in2 2 in linear formatted perpendicular magnetic recording media."

Hot pursuit ninjas save Australia mugging victim

rik: "Three muggers in Australia got the fright of their lives when their attack was interrupted by five black-clad ninja warriors."

Ducks go BAI BAI!

The most harmful drinks in America

rik: A list of drinks from famour establishments, sorted by calories, fats and sugars.
rik: I note that McDonalds Low-Calorie McCupOfBoilingAcid didn't make the list.
rik: On the other hand it was competing with Cold Stone's PB&C milkshake at 2010 calories, 131 grammes of fat of which 68 are saturated fats, and 153 grammes of sugar.

Teacher suspended for President Obama assassination lesson

Some background on the eruption of violence in Bangkok

seti: See also: coverage from Corrente
thelink: this comment presents a balance to some of the main item
thelink: and subsequent ones...
thelink: see also BBC commentary on thai reverence of King Bhumipol




There is a party in Australia, and you are all invited

jillzilla: SFW - it's a political party
jillzilla: oh, wait, sorry, there is one of those gifs that cycles through images and one of the ones that flashes by is of a topless beach

First they came for my porn

thelink: is there an emoticon for swastika?
seti: I think the HTML code is &godwin;
thelink: remember to delete all family photos before you visit australia :\ ... and those softporn shots of cheeky ladies in school uniform ... diminuative ladies with small breasts ... all illegal on the prisoner's island ...
thelink: really
seti: or pictures of real genitals rather than ones photoshopped to look 'neat' aka underage (NSFW)
thelink: they even are expecting to remove artistic value as a consideration
thelink: oh yeah, no shaven pussies .. must have plenty of bush
thelink: in reality, fuck knows what they use as the definition for achieving 'convictions' since the confession rate is high, due to expectations of being murdered etc
thelink: ozzie prime minister lambasted a 12 year old girl involved in reacreating a famous Victorian-era photo originally by the author of Alice in Wonderland
thelink: believe it or not.
thelink: oh .. dodgson was a priest, so therefore must have been a paedophile even though the question has been exhaustively researched with no evidence of abuse surfacing, so that's ok, but his movies are pretty good
thelink: taken by the mother ... (when the girl was younger)
thelink: remember, it's all for the sake of the children.
thelink: noone much wants to speak out since there are so many FUCKWITS around who scream blue murder and want to kill anyone who slightly looks a bit funny or odd, of course the best way to not look like a pedo has become to tell everyone loudly how much you want to kill pedos
thelink: but its a bit beyond a joke.
thelink: "witnesses as well as child abuse victims will be able to give evidence by video link and those they accuse will not be allowed to cross-examine them." remind me ... what's a witch-hunt?
thelink: part of a continuation of the demonisation of sex by the Christian leaders of both major parties." ... seems never much to be asked how valid are the morals propounded by the priests recognised now as virtually universally abusing those morals ... people just get angry and want new priests?
thelink: anyone else remember when this channel was called '#infoAnarchy'?
thelink: the absense of comment is as interesting as its presence ... do not imagine that this truth escapes anyone
thelink: or that absence of reply legitimises censorship of speech

Ninjas rescue student from muggers

seti: "You should have seen their faces when they saw us in ninja gear coming towards them," the school's sensei, Kaylan Soto, told the Herald.

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