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now you know what that sensor on the end of your cock is for

Facebook leaks its users' IP addresses

seti: now on Boing Boing


Flaming Lotus Girls - Serpent mother at Robodock 2007, Amsterdam

seti: Another of their projects: the Hand of God which was also at Robodock Amsterdam. The first comment understates the general reaction if it goes off in full force when you're standing nearby

Gulf oil leak underwater footage

Greek Protest Dog.

rik: One of the stray dogs that attends asll the protests in the greek capital. They're well known.
rik: Well known enough to write articles on reddit about them.


What happens when no party gets a majority in a UK general election

jillzilla: Warning: can cause drowsiness. Do not read this page or allow anyone to read it to you while operating heavy machinery.

Welcome to Cameron Land

kandinski: The neighbourhood that Cameron points to as a model of compassionate conservatism


rik: UKIP member and former leader involved in ligt aircraft crash earlier today
rik: Design fault found in the aircraft. It had two right wings.

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