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Where is VLC 1.0.6?

Google has too large a marketing budget for Chrome

Removal of Saddam's stockpiled yellowcake to Canada

thelink: stuff dated to before first Gulf war
thelink: why do i keep getting creeping feelings that someday someone will start to call the first gulf war, the fourth gulf war, and inject three previous wars retospectively?
thelink: "3,500 barrels by road to Baghdad, then on 37 military flights to the Indian Ocean atoll of Diego Garcia and finally aboard a U.S.-flagged ship for a 8,500-mile trip to Montreal" .. in secret
thelink: what it is
thelink: iran out of the stuff ;-) oh hohoho what a headline

a bunch of countries give Mossad grief following January assasination in Dubai

thelink: according to various nations including UK and Australian, fake passports of their nationality were used

How Ayn Rand caused the GFC

thelink: "'The injunction of Jesus to love others as ourselves is an endorsement of self-interest.'"
thelink: ^ quote not from Ayn, but from an advisor to Goldman Sachs

Hokusai originator of tentacle eroticism?

thelink: he may just be the best artist evar

Cthulhu Is Not Cute

thelink: "the time of ultimate correlation is nigh"

xkcd blag: Color Survey Results

seti: contains the spoken from the heart phrase "I weep for my gender."

Capturing Somali pirates: first-person shooter view

seti: Kinda old by now but awesome. Go Dutch Marines! They do more than minesweeping during Gulf Wars.

Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with "rent boy"

seti: Gawker coverage
kandinski: Also, Coals to Newcastle!
kandinski: (Everybody knows Europe is rife with rentboys. Weed-smoking, violent-videogame-playing, foul-mouthed atheist liberal rentboys)
seti: this dude was from Miami.

Vacuum Pockets and Safety Nazis


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