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If the TSA Were Running New York

Nuclear power using Thorium instead of Uranium?

thelink: (artists impreshun TM)
thelink: YMMV
thelink: "After it has been used as fuel for power plants, the element leaves behind minuscule amounts of waste. And that waste needs to be stored for only a few hundred years, not a few hundred thousand like other nuclear byproducts.
thelink: "Because itís so plentiful in nature, itís virtually inexhaustible. Itís also one of only a few substances that acts as a thermal breeder, in theory creating enough new fuel as it breaks down to sustain a high-temperature chain reaction indefinitely.
thelink: "And it would be virtually impossible for the byproducts of a thorium reactor to be used by terrorists or anyone else to make nuclear weapons."
thelink: YOU GUESSED IT:
thelink: "Locked in a struggle with a nuclear- armed Soviet Union, the US government in the '60s chose to build uranium-fueled reactors -- in part because they produce plutonium that can be refined into weapons-grade material."
thelink: has things changed?

correction to yesterday of a very stupid comment on desal item :)

thelink: comment 25 becomes: ...isn't it what "John West rejects that makes John West the best"? there's lots of radionucliides in seawater ... filtered out in specially engineered osmosis membranes which melt just that little bit when the radiation hits them
thelink: correction 2: i guess it doesn't use the same technology as the in-situ-leeching mining ...
thelink: http://chump.infoanarchy.org/2010/05/03/

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