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Europe's Web of Debt

thelink: this graph would be keen if it also indicated GDP of each nation (graphically)
thelink: damn i hate finance. what's the real economy really doing? someone should graph that

Arizona: It Just Got a Lot Worse | Mother Jones

thelink: o/' well now i'm starting up a posse o/'

Police barred from penis enlargement

thelink: (west papua ... where they have a local traditional therapy)

<uid0> why are all dutch lazy thieves?

Today's big story

thelink: he left off a </sarcasm> tag somewhere ...


thelink: needs flash

Slave Leia Bikini Carwash

thelink: when one slave princess leia is not enough
thelink: also gotta love the obama action figure doll


thelink: "if you are in a heavy phase of sleep, you will wake up feeling sleepy and unrested"
thelink: "when someone is changing phases (from light to deep or vice versa) small micromotions occur. Thanks to a special sensor (aka an accelerometer) in the iPhone and iPod Touch, our new smart alarm clock EasyWakeup wakes you when your body is changing from one sleep phase to another."
thelink: review
thelink: cf
thelink: <yawn>
thelink: (the review comments about 'attach to hand' appear to be superseded ... current advice seems to be place on mattress close by)

Obama gets Greeced

thelink: It's got groove, it's got meaning

The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved

thelink: the famous article by Hunter S. Thompson that defined gonzo journalism
thelink: and yes, that's really the title (but without the retrospective comment)
thelink: some might use the word 'seminal' but that may be confusing in this context ;-)
thelink: try this one: he was a crook nixon obit.
thelink: interview with hst
thelink: BBC file on hst
thelink: fear and loathing review with some nice quotations
thelink: "Gilliam remembers Hunter's reaction to the film when he saw at the premiere: "He was making all this fucking noise! Apparently it all came flooding back to him, he was reliving the whole trip! He was yelling out and jumping on his seat like it was a rollercoaster, ducking and diving, shouting 'SHIT! LOOK OUT! GODDAM BATS!'"
thelink: hst also wrote about the making of the film, after visiting the set during making
thelink: or at least that's what the editor claims the article is about
thelink: some other shit including i think an incomplete list of collected works
thelink: his story on hells angels looks to be worth a peruse

1) There is a club. 2) You are not in it.

Major export products: draconian security measures and economic frustration

seti: not sure what continent this is about :/

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