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New egg's ideas for mothersday!

Over Powered Powerwheels Snow Jam Barbie Jeep


Oliber: Now.. i don't remember seeing anyone in the immigration line with an RPG when i was last at Heathrow..

The wiggly lines have it!


2600 magazine has never heard of MK ULTRA

thelink: one or two hits on hacking the human mind
thelink: one hit on rfid implants
thelink: despite a variety of successful related hardware technologies over recent decades, using simple engineering principles which could easily be knocked up by a keen geek or entrepeneur
thelink: now the fact that such technologies and techniques have been attractive to a number of .. shall we call them monsters over the years who have been protected by interested government militaries does not account for why a 'subversive' geek forum such as 2600 Magazine contains no reference to these technologies
thelink: but such an influential and respectable publication completely ignoring this issue must certainly go part-way to explain the general ignorance and lack of acceptance-of-reality regarding those technologies in the general population and wider media
thelink: hang on guys, just let me set up my honeypot ...
thelink: actually, mainstream media demostrates greater awareness than this specialist hack cultuer magazine on these topics, in my poorly-researched-but-widely-read opinion
thelink: keywords: false flag cia mind kontrol hack culcha diversion containment
thelink: wouldn't an independent underground techno culture journal opposed to the state and corporation control have at least examined these issues in 20 yrs of publishing?
thelink: which one of those terms does not apply in this case?
thelink: wouldn't such a publication make it easy and worthwhile to search back issue contents? hippies have done better
thelink: a loose affiliation of academics and journalists has done better
thelink: maybe i'll grep some piratebay torrents of backissues
thelink: so far i have learned this shit can be traced to crica 1922 as a government project to gain control of the human mind as if it were a machine to be operated for purposes defined by another mind (that of some government agent)
thelink: though the earliest writings are said to be contained in some of mankinds earliest .. uh .. writings ... the egyptian book of the dead ... says so here
thelink: methinks the practices and knowledge date back somewhat further than that ...
thelink: the audio recording of the lecture mentioned in the one hit found on 2600 site which they want to charge $10 for provided free from CCC where I suppose the talk was given
thelink: slides for same
thelink: slides from some blog which seems to come from that angle, of computer language => brain language, as per NLP
thelink: oh blog is from the speaker himself .. seems to be concentrating specifically on the topic of exploiting (other people's) brain using programming habits
thelink: this sort of shit is what i think a magazine like 2600 might have some articles on ... it involves simple hardware, programming, and presents a tangible threat to those living in the modern world
thelink: perhaps some technical discussion with useful critique on how tangible the threat is, and practical means to counter or detect, which the average joe hacker can knock up in his/her basement/den/shed ...
thelink: or are they too busy building model rockets?
thelink: i think they're serious about using this shit on people
thelink: and it doesn't look like 'best interests' has a lot of meaning to the people who came up with this shit
thelink: 'ufo' experiences with physical evidence? that happens to look like RFID implants?
thelink: this link explains the experimental surgery from the images above ... which was intended to help a patient already experiencing violent outbursts (contrary to purpose i understood from link above the images)
thelink: all the same, this type of research as with everything can be used both for benign or malign purposes ... and discussion of how to detect and counteract misuse is always useful ... head in sand, stigma and kowtowing to the feared evil 'powers' doesn't help in the long run
thelink: no more "that's impossible (must be mad)" puhlease we have teh internats now
thelink: illegal covert implants appear widely documented
thelink: to the tune of LARD
thelink: saddam hussein was a fairy

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