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Blag Hag: In the name of science, I offer my boobs

Conservatives: High in denial

seti: long but good read exploring the mindset of denial and how authoritarianism needs, nurtures and exploits it

Happy Earth Day

thelink: larger image without writing

Bees are dying out and this is the best you can come up with?!

thelink: these guys seem to be 'the authority' on the bee 'Colony Collapse Disorder' yet their report for 2008-2009 amounts to a single page
thelink: which doesn't clearly say that the problem is still ongoing, nor does it clearly say that it is not
thelink: but it seems to indicate the problem is ongoing ... bee losses are still high ... or are they? the little report doesn't even compare to baselines
thelink: these are the guys who are quoted every time as an authority when people ask 'is it cell phone radiation', the offical answer is 'no, don't look like, huck!'
thelink: no statistics or maps are given, but the Working Group say that there is no correlation, and shit, anyway, thems summa them bees thar that died weren't even nohow ABLE to get cellphone reception! hyuck!
thelink: without investigation, we'll never know. if bees die out, we have a good chance of doing so too.
thelink: i guess lack of funding is the reason for paucity of reported results? either way, someone needs a good kick up the bum!
thelink: like a 'oh our planet is teetering on the brink of ecological collapse' sized boot .. get busy
thelink: guys, might want to google 'epidemiological survey' and a few terms like 'statistical significance' 'geographical survey' 'corrected' 'weighting factor' 'cultural reporting bias' ... this is not new science, it's all been done before ... and of course, covered up too
thelink: the only test conducted of bee susceptibility to phone transmissions was performed with wireless home phone, not with cell phone ...
thelink: which is to say, noone has performed a simple experiment to see if microwave RF as used in cellphone transmissions interferes with bee homing, physiology, or behaviour
thelink: NOONE ... this is where our priorities are ...
thelink: oh ,, unless someone secretly researched this and didn't report it, or made sure the report was not well publicised ... that doesn't happen though, does it?
thelink: honeybees add about $15 billion a year in value to our food supply
thelink: $15b a year pays for an awful lot of scientists
thelink: or probably, like, one beauracrat to have lunch with his son
thelink: not that all scientists are any better ...
thelink: of course, if we blame god maybe the problem will just go away! taking us with it! ;-)
thelink: look how many people are looking for geographical correlations wrt ccd ... ie NONE .. eheh how did you guess?
thelink: which is simply unbelievable so either they're doing it secretly so they don't 'scare the masses' .. or it's a beat-up or a cover-up
thelink: or .. um no money for the research, hope it goes away, maybe whatever it is, we can't fix anyhow
thelink: so anyway, i'm not saying it's mobile phones, i'm just saying the reported research on the entire CCD matter is pathetic ... the phone possibility is just an example that (ahem) came to mind
thelink: if it can be shown that RF radiation is detrimental to bees, then it follows that it may be detrimental to humans (which is actually already well demonstrated, but people tend to ignore it ... too bad it turns out they also ignore disappearence of bees and therefore crops)
thelink: see also
thelink: Human auditory system response to modulated electromagnetic energy by Allan H. Frey (in Journal of Applied Physiology ) yes bitches, this shit is real
thelink: published in 1961 ... if you think it was ignored, think harder
thelink: if you still can
thelink: or how about Human Perception of Illumination with Pulsed Ultrahigh-Frequency Electromagnetic Energy same author, same era
thelink: "This work was supported by the US Office of Naval Research and the US Army."
thelink: "radar operators could often hear pulsed microwaves, as sound. This has been known since radar was invented, although the earliest published claims of auditory perception only appeared in 1956"
thelink: the response from those officially responsible for the harm done, then as now in the case of mobile phone masts, was SUCH THINGS ARE IMPOSSIBLE SHUT UP AND STOP SAYING THAT YOU LOONEY WE WILL LOCK YOU UP
thelink: the official published scientific results all along have been supportive of the reality
thelink: i am going to sue these fuckers when i get my own act together, no question
thelink: this article (currently reported by google as 'an attack site' that they recommend you avoid, which i read as read this shit, sucka ) shows how refined the knowledge is on the matter of RF interference with thought
thelink: US Patent office Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect uses pulsed clicks at intervals that cause the brain to 'fill in the gaps' to emulate audible speech
thelink: and is also based on published science which proved the effect
thelink: assigned to The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Air Force (Washington, DC) in 2002
thelink: application, dated 1996
thelink: "a message can be recognized as speech when a listener is pre-advised that speech has been sent. However, if the listener does not know the content of the message, the audio signal is unintelligible." s/know/guess, deduce, suspect or know/
thelink: and by implication, any random source of such RF pulses might be correlated with verbal communication by any brain so exposed ... YMMV
thelink: yeah, now i can ditch my motorola handset ... lol
thelink: just have to figure out how to get a dial tone .. where's capn crutch when you need him?
thelink: maybe then i can phone these pricks up and warn them that their phones are giving them cancer ... (see the stewart fist article again, for that discussion)
thelink: "doubling of the cancer rates after only 18 months of restricted exposure -- one hour a day with GSM handset frequencies and levels"
thelink: "15 years ago, and seven years before GSM digital cellular phones began to be introduced around the world without any testing for potential long-term health effects"
thelink: "these results are dismissed by the radio industry -- which never attempted to replicate the study, incidentally"
thelink: i call it gross conspiritorial negligence and wanton incompetance in the vendors and governing authority
thelink: (back to conversion of click to speech ... apple ii computer used a similar single-tone click output which clever programmers managed to turn into speech and music ... once met some 12 yr old kids who wrote their own speech synth on this ...)
thelink: now, you may disbelieve everything i've just said, but you must admit, the soundtrack is fricking fantastic
thelink: personally, i think there's every chance that track is deliberately crafted to be hypnotic and to do the opposite of what it says ... to deliver subconscious messages, rather than to protect from them ... but maybe that's just me being paranoid ;-)
thelink: number 9 .. number 9 ..
thelink: little fluffy clouds. you might still see it in the desert.
thelink: o/' Love is all around, no need to waste it. o/'

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