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An Army of Trumans

Barack Obama finally starts to get it.


Noam Chomsky Has 'Never Seen Anything Like This'

Icelandic Vulcanologist stuck in Paris

rik: This guy has spent 20 years studying the Eyjafjoell volcano. He went to Paris, and the volcano blew. Now he's stuck.
rik: ... at a vulcanologist conference!
thelink: oh the irony <boom boom>

These are your terrorists Australia? "70 unaccompanied minors" YOU SICK FUCKS LOCK UP CHILDREN IN HIGH SECURITY PRISON WITH "SUSPECTED TERRORISTS"

thelink: Australia justifies its use of concentration camps for asylum seekers as being because those asylum seekers may be terrorists in disguise
thelink: 70 unaccompanied children who may be terrorists? get a fucking spine, cunts
thelink: next time you visit an Australian resort, consider it a last resort
thelink: try to imagine the razor wire and armed guards with dogs
thelink: this has been going on for far too long
thelink: on the wider issue of adult refugee detention, terrorism may provide some cover ... population overflow does not
thelink: "...at the current arrival rate, it would take 30 years of boat arrivals to fill the MCG."
thelink: we all know o/' it's a prisoner's island o/' ... ghosts of the civil dead is worth a watch if you want to understand the world we live in today
thelink: privatisation of prisons, remote control removing the agent of action from the decision maker, whose concern is profit and comfort, not welfare ...
thelink: the movie contains a scene eerily replayed in Australia yesterday, 'maximum security' prisoner bashed to death recorded on CCTV while guards inactive for 25 mins
thelink: much of the movie is based on true stories, with voiceovers from the actual storytellers, ex-prisoners, shot in one of the first 'new generation' prisons in USA prior to it being opened
thelink: (i used the word eery not because it's any great spooky coincidence, but because i think watching a recording of a guy under constant surveillance being beaten and unaided for 25 minutes is eery)
thelink: carl's side of the story or something purported to be it
thelink: the prison's explanation
thelink: quite a different picture to ghosts ... underbelly portrayed carl williams as member of a playboy gangster culture

So You Need A Typeface

Google break-in of recent months scored treasured single-signon 'password system'

thelink: sounds a lot like the single-signon system which google was selling to the US government
thelink: also "The theft began with an instant message sent to a Google employee in China who was using Microsoft's Messenger program"
thelink: proving the inherent problem of single-signon web-based systems

When Copyright Goes Bad

First conspiracy theories about Smolensk crash hit the intertubes

thelink: what took so long?

The South Pacific's amazing underwater toothbrush

thelink: they also do gills
thelink: so much for 'fish don't have any feelings' .. that is some complex muthafucking behaviour

LOL US top law enforcement official said on Friday he keeps in his office a portrait of George Orwell

thelink: because he was such a good writer, you understand ...
thelink: at least this guy has a sense of irony
thelink: "he selected two portraits for his office, the first being Robert Jackson, a former Supreme Court Justice, U.S. attorney general and Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor"
thelink: so you see, sometimes they do something good ...

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