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rik: They've edited out the giant lizard, but you can still hear her STOMPING


seti: Christianity

Pope billboard with graffiti

seti: pedobear stencil art. what has this world come to?
seti: also

Stranger in a strange land: Blue Girl goes to a Tea Party gathering

thelink: "Fox News personalities" is the new jargon for "elected politician"?

Shorter Megan McArdle

(Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Jun 1982, p67) discussion of (il)legality of first-strike nuclear attack

thelink: see yesterday chump
thelink: i take back all the nice things i said about obama the other day down at the pub
thelink: not that there were many
thelink: now they will probably tell us they have developed kinder gentler nuclear weapons since all those old-hat old treaties, discussions and agreements ... a bit like the higher form of killing of that sophisticated World War I, I guess ... ho hum
thelink: after all, 25 yrs is a loo-ong time in warfare, huh?
thelink: americia seems to have been turning a blind eye to a lot of those Articles of War for a while, but just how far do they think they can push it?
thelink: i'm guessing obbie can't use google
thelink: summary: there is no law against starting a nuclear war because it's a no brainer, duh. don't start one, dumbarse. (oh, and it would break all the existing rules of war anyway)

Dell sells Microsoft Ubuntu 8.04

Oliber_: Maybe it'd have less insane names if MS managed it...

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