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less Fair and Balanced than Fox News!~

Is your Gmail being hacked from China? It's worth checking

Ash: Centipedes? In my Gmail?
thelink: all the talk of hacking 'from china' seems to ignore the rather obvious existence of proxies and bot herds ... these 'experts' should have all their whuffie removed, surgically if necessary
thelink: whenever rather obvious facts are left out of an otherwise well-written story, always makes me think its a plant, being parroted by willing intel-cooperative morons who need a good kicking
thelink: [...after all, hackers (crackers) are rather well known for .. erm .. hacking .. that is, making cryptic efforts to obfuscate their actual intent and own circumstances]
thelink: it's a bit like finding a passport inside an empty bank vault [... or in plane wreckage ...]
thelink: good reader-comment: "Is your Gmail being hacked from China? Probably not. ... Is _all_ of your internet communication being monitored and stored, along with all your international bank transactions, by the US? Without a doubt. Which one is [more in the] news?"
thelink: ie this one

Should I Buy an iPad? Flowchart by bbspot.com


Vienne Boys' Choir caught up in sex abuse scandals

rik__: by Berlin Correspondent of The Times ... Roger Boyes
thelink: "...incidents, which were recounted by former singers now aged between 40 and 70..."
thelink: Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor: "We all agree that sexual abuse against children is a despicable crime," ... evidentally not all
thelink: this article in same publication provides some interesting commentary and balance re purported over-representation of catholic priests among child abusers
thelink: and details how changing practices within catholic church may have affected frequency of any such abuses occuring ... although the article seems to ignore the question of changes in frequency of reporting such incidents
thelink: also fails to mention what 'therapy' it was that is supposed to have increased the rate of abuse ... rather an important fact to omit, perhaps more important than the remainder of the story

Truth-in-advertising complaint against Fox News for using the trademarked slogan 'Fair and Balanced'

thelink: FTC couldn't find a way to evaluate the issue without assessing the news, which might contravene US Constitution first amendment ... or so they said
thelink: under pressure from right wing lobbyists
thelink: another version of the same story
thelink: petition labeled 'clearly a transparent publicity stunt' by Fox News publicity department
thelink: who excuses the company's strong bias by saying that essentially, we're either with US or Against US... :P
thelink: the link last-mentioned above offers much insight into how/why systemic media bias occurs
thelink: "Fox is the only practitioner of this level of media PR bloodsport." ;-)
thelink: that's not meant as a compliment


Oliber: Drown the witch

who doesn't think the civilian casualty rate is intentionally high?

thelink: aka weddings, parties, anything
thelink: "winning the hearts and minds" ... but not of the Afghanis, I think ... of the murderous 13 yr old opinion-led future mercenaries who will remote-control the engines of war for the death cartel who think they run this planet
thelink: anyone else can see through this shit

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