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welcome ultimate the disaccociated to state

Wired.com: Threat Level: Law Enforcement Appliance Subverts SSL

seti: ... by requiring a rogue CA sign a fake cert.

They're Watching You, Kermit

seti: Pulp Muppets


The Mandelbrot Monk

(rechump because it's darn good) Obama, Blair and the Narcissist's Defenestration^H^H^H^Huh-uhDefense

thelink: Obama falls to Goddard's Law from no less mighty a platform than the Nobel Peace Prize acceptance ceremony
thelink: <obama> BUT ... HITLER!!!
thelink: <obama> evil exists in the world . o O (and you're lookin' at it ;-)
thelink: i guess blair's conversion to catholic is explained by something like this ... evil fucker
thelink: (also a rechump)
thelink: <obman> whadja givin me keyz forrr? carn djive! arm DJUNNNK! <brrrm brrrm>
thelink: much hilarity follows

Tea Party Movement Manages to Sink Lower

Better Off Ted outtakes


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