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Chuck Norris Facts if he worked in finance

Today is Dynamic Range Day - fight against loudness!

seti: Metallica's 2008 album compared compressed (retail edition) vs. non-compressed (Guitar Hero version)

I got my red dress on

thelink: courtesy of the green tea party

Laid-off Auto Center former employee uses existing system to make lots of cars unusable

jillzilla: The system was intended for the Auto Center to make cars unusable if people weren't making payments on them
jillzilla: Using it for something else was, of course, completely unforeseeable
jillzilla: Except by anyone who knows anything about security
kandinski: Or about human nature
kandinski: I hope the Auto Center gets sued to high heaven, and that remote shutoff systems carry huge insurance penalties (for business owners) from now on
thelink: come in number 51 your time is up...
thelink: same deal with phones locked to a network ... that, isn't one of the defining aspects of 'ownership' that one has control over the property owned ... this should be called leasing ... another case for truth-in-advertising dept

Silver vs Gold in financial markets

thelink: "over a long, long time gold has been extremely reliable. An ounce of it buys about as much bread in A.D. 2009 as it did in A.D. 9." interesting factoid if true ... i wonder about the intervening data points

Which Roman emperor are you?


(rechump) obama gets cold feet ... or ... no time for a revolution (like the present?)

thelink: rechumped to note that if your tool is a wallet, every problem looks like $$$
thelink: dollars are fictional, iteritively or in a single-stroke, fix the real economy, and re-model your finance system so that it keeps working, if finance is how you want to hammer nails in your world
thelink: but hesitate and dither, and we may as well call this financial depression
thelink: or a deception ... more common for politicos to promise stuff they don't intend to deliver, right?
thelink: deliver a working real economy, and it doesn't matter much whether the financial game functions ... except in asmuch as it empowers some and not others to influence future states of your working real economy
thelink: but to blame inaction on financial markets etc when your real economy has taken a dive is a weak getout, a child can see through you
thelink: to continue to hide real healthcare, education etc from the people, and call yourself a state, is a weak cover for a military breeding ground which stinks like shit to the 90%+ of the world which is outside your borders
thelink: and suffers your violent incursions and economic rapine

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