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the color of data

Smoking guns, dark secrets aplenty in YouTube-Viacom filings

pretender: This is pretty much obvious to anyone. But how could they be so stupid as to discuss this via email?
seti: they had deleted everything but one executive had an archive on his private machine.
pretender: OK, by why did he hand it over?
seti: because he was ordered to do so. (see also: jwz's Really Bad Attitude at Netscape)
kandinski: They wanted to break our revolution, now the Judge will break their backs
kandinski: Oh the joys of schadenfreude
kandinski: (up till yesterday, I had no horse in this race; now I am cheering for Google -- SUCK IT VIACOM LEECHES)

Phonogram run ends because Gillen/McKelvie weren't making enough to live on

kandinski: Sad, sad thing

Lorry push video

jwz facestabbing

seti: no, not jwz getting facestabbed; jwz promising to facestab someone, and then asking everybody else to do so instead.
thelink: "Looks like you are in luck, they put in your request on Tuesday"

FDIC's mark-to-mayhem

seti: this comment nails it as a 'Shorter'
thelink: real economy broken. cannot fix with duct tape.
thelink: but they try to fix with hand-waving, which is the appropriate measure, since the entire thing was built out of that in the first place.
thelink: but it's not working ... people are doing the opposite of what the economy needs, or even what common sense would declare they should do in a climate where $$$ are of arbitrary value
thelink: ...of course we wouldn't want a run on the banks now, would we ... but would it really matter since they are doomed because of the overlending problem that has been covered up by buying up the loans into a giant toxic pool that the main article shows is about to explode, since they can't sell them off again except by repeating the same trick ...
thelink: there's no problem really since most people really do have useful things they could be doing, and that's what an economy reflects ... but rejigging the system would take the power from the people who hold it now ... and they don't want you to know
thelink: so more hand waving
thelink: anybody wanna buy a bridge?
thelink: *"What we are dealing with is an unsavory relationship between the real economy and the financial sector. The financial conglomerates do not produce commodities. They essentially make money through the conduct of financial transactions. They use the proceeds of these transactions to take over bona fide real economy corporations which produce goods and services for household consumption."
thelink: "the new owners of industry are the institutional speculators and financial manipulators. They are becoming the new captains of industry, displacing not only the preexisting structures of ownership but also instating their cronies in the seats of corporate management"
thelink: http://www.fdic.gov/bank/individual/failed/banklist.html
thelink: graph source
thelink: state-by-state data



thelink: python cloud computer cloud ... charges by the microsecond

Images of the Crusades

thelink: lots and lots of them, at good resolution =D
thelink: (some of them at least)
thelink: yeah .. i'm a sucker for mil-prop artwork .. St Helena finds the True Cross ... surely a miracle second only to the discover of a terrorist passport in the wreckage of the twin towers ... </sardonical worldly athiest wit>
thelink: poignant, alarming, and sadly unsurprising: http://pages.usherbrooke.ca/croisades/big_images/c_croisade_des_enfants2.jpg
thelink: translation: crusade of infants
thelink: bernard of clairvaux ... this is the guy responsible for reinterpreting pacifist christianity into a crusading bloodthirsty genocide
thelink: "Knights of Christ may safely fight the battles of their Lord, fearing neither sin if they smite the enemy, nor danger at their own death; since to inflict death or to die for Christ is no sin, but rather, an abundant claim to glory." ... see other comments this page :p
thelink: keywords: warmongering sleaze

How to make your own organic LED

thelink: out of organs?
thelink: (ps the organic component is a bipyridine)
thelink: needless to say, playing around with chemicals like these could result in highly toxic products or byproducts ... maximum caution is advised and not doing anything at all if you don't already know what all that stuff means
thelink: hmm .. regular old LEDs follow a moore's law-type trend in development ... called haitz's law ... "every 10 years the amount of light generated by an LED increases by a factor of 20, while the cost per lumen (unit of useful light emitted) falls by a factor of 10."
thelink: but oLEDs are a completely different type of technology ... one would guess they will not follow the same curve
thelink: i wonder how much such predictions become self-fulfilling prophecies ... ?
thelink: current challenge with oLEDs is longevity ... organic compounds degrade quicker than the inorganic crystals used in 'normal' LEDs ... whose longevity is a desirable trait in replacing fluoro and incandescent lights .. unless you are a capitalist trying to make money from selling lights

Quite a good summary of the annihilation of the Templars

thelink: cf CIA fostering and later abandonment of Mujahideen, subsequent eruption and then suppression of similarly violent acts against the US by remnants of those forces
thelink: versions of which are widely contested
thelink: see?
thelink: wikipedia on same
thelink: MORAL: religion is used by states to motivate forceful action on their behalf, with no regard for the best interests of participants, or for the truth
thelink: brzezinski personally takes credit for kicking off the jihaad, along with Jimmy Carter
thelink: CIA funding to mujahideen started prior to (ie prompted) the russian incursion .. <zbiggie> "We didn't push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would."
thelink: jimmy carter is probably a codeword for kissinger, if those pix are anything to go by
thelink: notice how the objective of the 'successful' maneuver was to draw USSR into an unwinable war that would deplete resources until finally USSR crumbled ...
thelink: and how ... that is just what stupid ol' UK/USA is doing today ...
thelink: but these dickslappers who operate at that level don't seem to be concerned or even pointing out the problem with current policy, which will just as inevitably lead to crumble of the remaining superpower ... to be replaced by what regime?
thelink: "for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the government, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire"
thelink: i understand there are morons out there like this. the question is, how the fuck did they get the reigns of power?
thelink: USA might have got your dick caught in the paper draw, old son
thelink: the interview is from 1998. hahaha read this: "[Interviewer:] Islamic fundamentalism represents a world menace today. Brzezinski: Nonsense!" LOL live and learn!
thelink: keywords: warmongering sleaze
thelink: the guardian on same
thelink: "$500 million the CIA poured into Afghanistan"
thelink: total Afghan public sector health care expenditure was $277.7 million in 2008
thelink: keywords: warmongering sleaze
thelink: ...or ... there aren't any conspiracies, God's looking after you, you go back to sleep, you've a big day ahead of you fighting in the trenches for God, Homeland, and Glory ... darling.

Super size me: giving condoms bigger names key to protection

seti: kind of an old story - posting date is a few weeks ago but the idea has been doing the rounds for years and years - follow the link for the picture with the story.
thelink: and in other news, TROJAN a real dumb name for a condom

Girl Game

thelink: woman meets homeless man in non-beggar context, finds he is human; straight men less frequent in SF; news @ 11

Systems engineer deemed best job in America

thelink: kinda weighted survey ...

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