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Skynet t-shirt

New front opened in San Francisco's War on Fun

Sickipedia: bid to shut offensive 'encyclopedia dramatica'

thelink: "Encyclopedia Dramatica will never be censored in any way. We will keep publishing this content and our Australian users will be able to view it up until the point that your God-forsaken government blocks it with their soon-to-be-implemented secret list of banned material."
thelink: ...coming soon to an ISP near YOU
thelink: EFA supports censoring of the site. thanks guys for your strong anti-censorship stance.
thelink: ... and when they came for the jews, i was too busy burning niggers to give a damn ... is that how the quote goes?
thelink: oh "nigger-haters". my oops.
thelink: i understand there are morons out there like this. the question is, how the fuck did they get the reigns of power?

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