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Circle of No Life



thelink: you can't make this stuff up
thelink: "an updated Hansel and Gretel, with Evans playing the witch luring Hymie and Gilah into his West Bank lair in order to cook them"
thelink: "like tying up Fay Wrayberg to a Hebron IDF outpost in order to cajole Jesus Kong out of the heavenly jungle"
thelink: internets =~ s/to hell in a hand basket/to hell in a cock bucket/g

Meanwhile, in Texas, American Taliban isn't hyperbole anymore

thelink: "20-year-old son who has a conviction on his record for hacking the computer system at his high school, has posted the names, photos and workplaces of swingers on the Internet"
thelink: hilarity ensues
thelink: see offtopic cult analysis in yesterday's chump
thelink: "aggressive use of soldiers and prayer warriors" ... and a proverbial bucket of cock to you, my friend


thelink: C:
thelink: "So the U.S. Government hired Nazi war criminals to spearhead a worldwide campaign of uninformed, non-consensual drugging using their elite army of magicians and whores… so what?"

Did Jimmy Carr go to far?

Oliber: NO

on the other hand .....


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