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Why liberals will keep losing

thelink: 1) 'an evil depracious party keeps winning over a nice honest party because they are evil and depracious' is not a good enough explanation ... we already knew that, and it amounts to 'reps keep winning because america likes reps better' ... yes? and?
thelink: 2) "They know that it's not so much Goering's famous 'bigger lie' that works here, but the dumber the lie, the more they want to hear it repeated." ... is a very good point ... "i don't believe that, would you like another opportunity to peddle that same bullshit to more people as you re-explainitize it to me?"
thelink: the role of the socially conscious in politics is to win over social parasites and self-harmers, if no-one is doing that, either no-one wants to, or the folk who want to are unskilled at their task, so ... why is that? this essay approaches as far as establishing a topic for an essay, but fails to attack it
thelink: without doing so, this becomes merely a celebration of stupidity, disguised as critique of the forces of the clever
thelink: and so .. the author is basically ending up pimping the very PNAC chicago-school-of-economics philosophy that the reps are basing their debasement of democracy upon
thelink: "The Chicago School began to enjoy broad establishment support after the end of the Cold War, when the sole remaining superpower no long needed to win the hearts and minds of the world by reining in systemic exploitation of the weak by the strong. The function of government shifted from protecting the weak from the strong, to freeing the strong to cannibalize the weak..."
thelink: PNAC is over here, they already done it
thelink: in my unedicated and wish-'twere-humble opinion
thelink: someone point out to me if i am wrong, because i would love it if chanting 'strength is king, duh' as this essay appears to do, would fix things to that the liberals would win, and that that wouldn't amount to the liberals actually becoming the New Rightist Totalitarians or something. .. i would love if reading this essay didn't waste my time :)
thelink: oh yeah, i forgot to recurse
thelink: maybe it's good because it provocated me to spew more vitriolic crap etc etc ... perhaps this guy is a maoist in disguise ... whatever
thelink: sometimes it's better to just admit you're asking a question ... 'hey guys, the left is weak, what can we do about it?'
thelink: oh and theres some bullshit going around about how might makes right, and so on, how can we defeat that?
thelink: someone seems to have dirtied the word 'socialism', what can re do about relabelling that theme?
thelink: isn't anyone pointing out as balance that parasitism is more often engendered in the form of rapacious capital, than it is in the form of laziness or the burden of genuine need in a social-centric society?
thelink: perhaps people can't see the benefit of education, literacy and healthcare because .. the education system is still flawed? can we reform that sucker, and do some proselytising on the issue? how hard could that be, now that everyone has internets?
thelink: ... AND SO ON
thelink: now, you do.
thelink: am going for lunch, want to see finished essay when i get back .. or .. fuckit, no, NOW this is the internets, i cannot eat my lunch without solving this problem!
thelink: this is longer ... is it the same cushy crap that the first guy is ranting about, or is this a better essay? it is longer ...
thelink: you may not write an essay b4 i get back, but you can at least inform whether this one is more worth reading
thelink: :)
thelink: i like this essay about Ayn Rand by the author of main link, though :) very much ... this explains almost everything
thelink: (except WTF?!!!!?!)
thelink: "Rand makes the best case for the morality of democratic capitalism."
thelink: and that links to this: "not only was the Rand cult explicitly atheist, anti-religious, and an extoller of Reason; it also promoted slavish dependence on the guru in the name of independence..."
thelink: this shows the typical process for mental enslavement practiced by all cults, be they religions, political movements, or consumer marketing programs, etc ... which is this:
thelink: find a group of people wanting quality X, promise them quality X to attract them, do not deliver quality X which they need for fulfillment. you now have a herd of people who are by definition deficient in some quality (X, remember?), and either stupid or blinded enough to have fallen for your trick, keep promising them X until they see through, when they do, they will be too embarrassed to gather political power needed to retaliate
thelink: the only way this can fail is when large numbers see through the trick at the same time ... here is a clue for people who are fed up to the teeth with marketing morons
thelink: or the rare circumstance where you get a nut who assassinates you
thelink: YMMV, untested theories
thelink: "...confession meant a harrowing process of ideological and psychological purification, supposedly ending in one’s success at achieving rationality, independence, and self-esteem and therefore an unquestioning and blind devotion to Ayn Rand. "
thelink: "...this psychological theory held that ... emotion always stems from incorrect ideas..."
thelink: "After all, you wouldn’t mock God."
thelink: 4 legs good, 2 legs baaad
thelink: "As is true of all witch-hunting groups, the greatest sin was not so much the specific transgressions of the member, but any refusal to sanction the heresy-hunting procedure itself."
thelink: lit's gittim

Securitization For Dummies

Orrin Hatch Thinks You're Stupid

Ash: to be fair, you probably are stupid

Thanks, Jim Bunning, for filibustering extension of unemployment benefits

seti: Bunning ran away from reporters today, flipping them off. This wasn't a one-politician action, by the way: two other stooges helped him "prolong debate" in the Senate.
thelink: "Unfortunately, however, as the BBC notes, poverty fuels violence and defense spending has a tendency to rise during times of economic hardship"
thelink: ie, thugs are stupid, and getting stupidder
thelink: as they get larger
thelink: and as they get dumber, they get stupidder
thelink: people, do not put thugs in decision making roles. duh. oh fuck, i guess .. too late.
thelink: ???
thelink: Bunning, Kentucky (KY), Republican, born 1938, previous vocation: baseball [wikipedia]
thelink: hyuk
thelink: "In July 2009, he announced that he would not run for re-election in 2010"
thelink: => professional stooge for unpopular party platform decisions, de rigueur carte blanche pompadour ...
seti: it's time for an uprising
thelink: wikipedia spake thus: 'In October, 2004 Bunning told reporters "Let me explain something: I don't watch the national news, and I don't read the paper. I haven't done that for the last six weeks. I watch Fox News to get my information."'
thelink: this is what a sport scholarship ripens into.
thelink: more from teh wiki: Time magazine called him one of America's Five Worst Senators.[11] The magazine dubbed him The Underperformer for his "lackluster performance", saying he "shows little interest in policy unless it involves baseball", and criticized his hostility towards staff and fellow Senators
thelink: the guy was a good BASEBALL PITCHER. That doesn't mean you have should let him RUN YOUR FUCKING COUNTRY (into the ground).
thelink: which he didn't do even .. people like this become PUPPETS for people with COVERT UNDEMOCRATIC MOTIVES ... allow them near your legislature at your peril, people like this (recall Ronald Reagan?) are POISON FOR DEMOCRACY
thelink: other people use people like this guy to fuck people like you and me, right up the arse
thelink: Recall GW Bush?
seti: calm down, you're speaking in CONSPIRATIONAL all CAPS and it makes you look like a LOONY
seti: pisses on bunning's baseball card
seti: pisses on reagan's grave
thelink: /me adds bunning's card to the deck of bush, cheney, bin laden corp
thelink: i guess this must be the joker

Berlusconi and the Silvioettes

Microsoft: Don't press F1 key in Windows XP

thelink: umm .. iirc the design criteria was "only need to reboot for two things: every time you press a key, and every time you move the mouse" ... sounds like they're finally getting there
thelink: insecurity of windows help has been known for a long time ... interesting
thelink: eg search for "hlp" on this 1996 information
seti: the whole security 'zones' concept is broken by design and it is madness to believe one can keep code from spilling over


thelink: yes, yes, it is.

Fight Club, the Software Art Edition

kandinski: Funnier if you know Davis and Tarbell

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