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Why I feel screwed when I buy a DVD

Microsoft-Yahoo search deal approved

seti: Stimulating competition - through the creation of duopolies

Move over, Australia: France taking 'Net censorship lead

thelink: "...state-sanctioned computer Trojans, a massive new database of citizen data (dubbed "Pericles"), and a requirement that ISPs start censoring sites on a government blacklist..."
thelink: article fails to draw analogy with the Imaginary (aka Maginot) Line. -10 points.

Debugging Barbot in the DNA Lounge


thelink: i'm paraphrasing, but that's what he said.

Electronic Privacy Information Center Urges Federal Trade Commission to Investigate Google Buzz

thelink: ...claiming google "may [even] have violated federal wiretap laws"
thelink: also interesting is that google have (openly) teamed up with NSA

when is google gonna start paying us for building its pagerank indexes?

thelink: <spoliber> it does pay you, in search results :p
thelink: i thought i paid for those by looking at ads

(Rechump) Cheney publicly admits war crimes

thelink: spoiler: "Either this country is governed by the rule of law or it isn't." => isn't. See tyranny
Oliber_: "... It's an unusual arrangement, but the constitution does say that regardless of the outcome of elections, Republicans must be in charge of national security and criminal justice at all times." - really? anyone know where?
thelink: i think someone left out <sarcasm> markup ...
thelink: maybe from the constitution too ...
thelink: (tyranny link a little skewed to the right ... but you get the idea)
thelink: probably Republican in the sense of the word Republic , not in the sense of the political party, which doesn't get a mention

On paying child support to an "intact" biological family

Electrocuting yourself has never been so easy


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