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Today in police state advancement news


seti: spotted: dan kaminsky, mitch altman

Dick Cheney Admitted War Crimes

The savviness of Goldman Sachs

Intriguing Libertarian Tract in the Form of a Travel Brochure

kandinski: Visit Port Watson! No, visit it!
seti: that sounds like coercion
kandinski: There are five competing Tourist Boards on the island


Libertarian holiday destination!

jillzilla: "The market's at work!"

physioloigcal mechanism by which squat toilet is better

thelink: western toilet manufacturers, pls to try and solve this, and also bumsplash problems kthx
thelink: romans solved this OK couple thousand years ago:

Music video for Air - La Femme D'Argent

seti: Comprised entirely of footage shot from a San Francisco streetcar traveling down Market St in 1905.

A conversation I have every month or so


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