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Libertarianism defined

Ash: lolaynrand
kandinski: WTF "I went down to have my lunch break in the food court at the Houston Galleria, and saw people holding each other and crying over the collapse of Enron. They hadn't even done that on 9/11."

1938 Dating Guide For Single Women

seti: sound advice.
Ash: as relevant as it ever was!
seti: indeed. &irony;

Icelandic Modern Media Initiative

thelink: oh fuck i clicked. now they have my IP.

WikiLeaks editor: why I'm excited about Iceland's plans for journalism

seti: the claim that ahahome.com (american homeowners assoc.) relocated to Stockholm seems to not be borne out by traceroute.
seti: but www.ahrc.com is!
thelink: immediate cynical response: most bankrupt country in history pimped as trusted destination for all truth-loving souls who world governments and organised crime might want to undermine ... um ... does it help for me to rephrase the obvious?
thelink: i would be more convinced if it was Bhutan
thelink: but, well, more power to 'em in reframing their laws to support good reporting ...
thelink: (gov, crime, and megacorps .. i forgot megacorps)

Lots of Snow!

Hilarious top ten list by David Letterman

kandinski: It was downhill all the way from here

Who told Pauline Hanson the UK needs, let alone wants, more fuckin' Aussies?

kandinski: Not like the UK needs more racists either
thelink: Australia racist Pauline Hanson moving to UK
thelink: "Australia .. no longer .. land of opportunity .. had enough .. swamped by Asians" LOLROFL
thelink: Pauline, are these the Asians you saw swamping the land you cherish? ... :
thelink: certainly they are now swamping the prisons ...
thelink: having had their land, their children, in many cases their own lives, stolen ... Pauline would probably say "they deserve to be there because they are criminals"
thelink: cf http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection (:intersect Guilt Complex)
thelink: see also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Australia_policy

Sarah Silverman is too fucking cool for school, let alone TED

seti: <3 Silverman.


thelink: Australian broadband news and information

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