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Google stops sticking it in people's faces how much it knows about them, and it makes them happier

thelink: oh and it stops telling everyone else about your friends too ... that seems kinda valid
thelink: seems kinda amateur, but it got them a news story ...
thelink: i guess 'i told you so' or 'you should know better' isn't gonna make users of the panopticon that much happier ...
thelink: mayhaps such embarassing leaks could reveal as much about google as they do about 'us'

Indian movie star body scanner image story a PR hoax

Modular Synthesizer 1.0 by Andrew Kilpatrick

seti: Moog Guitar E1

Optimizing Slackware Linux's Fonts

thelink: actually, that's all kind of time consuming and not really necessary .. just the part about adding '/usr/local/share/fonts' to xorg.conf and running mkfontpath; mkfontscale; fc-cache -f are needed
thelink: but i'm sure the info is great if typography is a critical task

xz vs bz2 vz gz vs lz vs lzma vz Z...


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