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Really amazingly phenomenally bad typo

jillzilla: Like really bad

Laser system that shoots down missiles, mounted on a 747

thelink: <dr evil> skynet. rehi!

Laser system to shoot down mosquitos

jillzilla: It zaps the females, since they are the ones that bite.
jillzilla: Cool!
nene: Mini CIWS, wonderful
thelink: <dr evil> skynet. welcome!

79% APR Inerest Rate Credit Card

kandinski: THE EVIL


thelink: WHY?! ;-(


thelink: http://www.flylogic.net/blog/
thelink: dude stuck microprobes into chips to bypass crypto platform
thelink: hydrofluoric acid can melt your bones months after exposure, without issuing a warning in the form of epidermal burns ... don't try this at home
thelink: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrofluoric_acid#Safety
thelink: that's an oxymoron.
thelink: "rinsing off is not enough. In some cases, amputation may be required" .. yeah, and of course it gives off vapour ... even clean room use is extremely hazardous
thelink: more warnings
thelink: analysis of the impact of the attack
thelink: "common practice when analyzing competitors' components"

Pentagon vs ...

thelink: Biological Weapons Convention
thelink: yes, you're on there United States. now GTFO.

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