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<@Ash> DIY Scrotal Infusion? Where do I sign up?

Melbourne not ready for rains

seti: o/~ Rain rain go away o/~ Come again some other day o/~

Android bug reports by Randall Munroe

[M]y initial reaction [to Google Buzz] is more pedestrian: why the heck would I want my Facebook in my Gmail account? One is for work, the other is for fun; I need to keep them separate or neither serves its function.

jillzilla: "[My] comment once i noticed buzz was there in my inbox was to mention how I really would rather not have potential employers know that I am subscribed to the RSS feed for DIY Scrotal Infusion. Hypothetically, i mean.

The Rude Pundit's pro-Health Care Reform ad pitches

kandinski: Sane proposal; I expected satire

Intel says warranties evaporate when kit resold

Rachel Maddow: They're Not Embarrassed


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