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Dell Removes 3rd Party Drive Support


Oliber: China's RF-SIM vision?


Panasonic 3D plasma HDTVs display a rare medium, well done

seti: It's saignant on details, though.

The Rude Pundit on Stephanie Miller's show this Monday, discussing (ok, dumping on) Sarah Palin

kandinski: "Where's the verb?"

Ghostbusters Theme Song - Laidback Luke House Remix

Best Use Of The Mac Genie Effect Ever!

Exposed: Naked Body Scanner Images Of Film Star Printed, Circulated By Airport Staff

kandinski: Total Surveillance Society has an upside! Yay!
kandinski: Waitaminit...
seti: oh, you get cancer from it too
seti: and it won't find underpants bombers anyway. waste of time, money and privacy... a.k.a. par for the course, sadly
kandinski: But they looked purdy in Total Recall

Senator Ben Nelson remains a dick.

"IRC! It's how hackers talk when they don't want to be overheard."

seti: Ah-ha-ha ircII-2.9.5
seti: from the tv series Numb3rs.

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