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Climate change skepticism on the rise

"... my guess is that in 2-5 years we'll see a publishing industry that looks like the music business does today"

pretender: Damn, this internet thing is destroying the entire world as we knew it
jillzilla: Curse you, Internet!
pretender: Quick! Someone pull the plug before it's too late!

Facebook planning a Gmail killer?

Europe's Dying Nightlife

seti: See also San Francisco's War on Fun

Snakeoil salesman gets his comeuppance

kandinski: Ridiculed on TV in Dragon's Den

More on nazification of .au: new Police power to on-the-spot strip-search, with 'reasonable grounds' of suspicion weakened

thelink: "the legislation breaches the Victorian Human Rights Charter"
thelink: according to the government
thelink: supposedly the fear is knife crime
thelink: "...if random searches can bring about the prevention of stabbing, then it is totally correct for police to be able to do this.''
thelink: "anyone can be searched if they are in a designated area and any area can be designated if violence occurred there in the previous 12 months or police receive intelligence that it may become a trouble scene"
thelink: and "A new offence of disorderly conduct has been created."
thelink: note: the strips take place by the side of the road or wherever ... gonna be interesting to see the damages cases from that, cost them some hundreds of thousands when illegal strips have taken place in the police station
thelink: similar powers interestate resulted in ~1000 searches of unaccompanied children
thelink: more ... "these new laws provide the police with pre-emptive tools" ... pre-emptive + judicium == PREJUDICE
thelink: right-wing reactionary press dislike it
thelink: left wing reactionary press dislike it
thelink: link to search of vic hansard for "incompatible with human rights"
thelink: """"""The cynicist in me thinks the phrase was chosen on purpose in order to generate "fail" type traffic""""""
thelink: FAIL
thelink: the best quote is "Human rights and public safety are not mutually exclusive and are often mutually reinforcing."
thelink: 'designated areas' are described by the commissioner of police, and published
thelink: "the least invasive search that is practicable"
thelink: "Power to obtain disclosure of identity"
thelink: nice touch: "The strip search must be conducted in a manner that preserves the dignity and self-respect of the person being searched."
thelink: and supposedly to take place out of view
thelink: of other persons
thelink: nice chance for a bit of intimidation
thelink: :p <puke>
thelink: vic human rights commission dislike it
thelink: summary of why this law sux
thelink: statement of (in)compatibility
thelink: earlier debate from hansard
thelink: similar issues but with much greater implications for human rights of the preemptively policed: SERIOUS SEX OFFENDERS (DETENTION AND SUPERVISION) BILL still before par
thelink: liament
thelink: which allows locking people up on the basis of 'probability' that they will offend
thelink: when will we have legislation for locking up people who are unacceptably high risk of defrauding the public purse?

surely "hits the streets" is not the best promotional line for a fold-out balcony

kandinski: The cynicist in me thinks the phrase was chosen on purpose in order to generate "fail" type traffic
kandinski: Any attention is good
thelink: FAIL

SpamMeNot mozilla plugin

thelink: haven't tried it, but the page lists a few useful email service providers for using with high-spam targets
thelink: which might be useful regardless of the plugin

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