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nene: oh god, pass the eye bleach


pretender1: That's simply amazing

(rechump) why trance sux

The cyberterrorists have won

kandinski: You can now buy usb rootkits from your plane seat


kandinski: one of them is available

Is magic pics from the intarwebs

thelink: bastard. 21+ pages? and you kept this secret until now?!
thelink: ..oh... there's other user's blogs too ..
thelink: to the tune of: o/' caught in a trap o/'
kandinski: Ffffound! is only marginally dangerous than tvtropes
thelink: someone.destroy.this.site.before.it.eats.my.head.
thelink: maybe useful: tineye mozilla plugin for finding sites which host a given image

On The Sudden Deficit Scare

Sadly, No! - True story

thelink: oh blink works still?

America Is On A Path To Economic Recovery

seti: (via)
seti: how to lie with statistics: these numbers gradually stopped including people who have been out of work for so long that they stopped looking.

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