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Twas the Night Before iTablet

Comcast: Preparing for the IPv6 Transition


[PDF] Surface temperature records examined, found lacking

seti: several systemic errors have crept into climate models depicting a global warming trend, caused by bad corrections on data from shifting sources
rik: ... and that's why we call it 'climate change' and not 'global warming'. they realised it's not getting any warmer.

Sex explained by Pens

Oliber_: Very informational

Survey shows Fox News as most trusted news source in America.

rik: America, the tail on your busket curve is too long. Please cull.

Norman Finkelstein is a Mensch

kandinski: On why he can't accept the Holocaust as justification for mistreatment of the palestinians
kandinski: Duh
Ash: luckily the holocaust didn't happen so it's mostly a theoretical discussion anyway
Ash: dear eu, please don't arrest me
kandinski: EU forgives Ash for attenuating circumstances: he is a Moron

Four conservative activists arrested for attempting to interfere with phones at Sen. Mary Landrieu's office in New Orleans

kandinski: O'Keefe is a conservative activist the way Nixon's Watergate men were conservative activists
seti: criminal con men.

How to lose friends and tick off people on Facebook

Superhéroes de barrio

kandinski: Song about neighbourhood superheroes, training in their basements with their homemade costumes

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